Opinions – The Park

TRANSMIT – initiate amusement signal – RECEIVE – initiate candyfloss frequency – YOU MUST BE THIS TALL – initiate the children’s syntax – ALL WORK AND NO PLAY- round and round and round we go – CHAD CHAD CHAD – helter skelter melter – HAVE YOU SEEN MY MOMMY – the queue from this point is twenty minutes – ALL WORK AND NO PLAY – step right up – PLEASE KEEP YOUR HANDS AND FEET – you’ll never want to leave –

WITNESS! – The Park

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Opinions – Planetbase

Planetbase is one of the many space games I’ve been pouring all my free time into recently, in between watching Battlestar Galactica and playing Elite: Dangerous. I think I’m on some sort of interstellar-future high. Maybe I’ll sign up for this manned Mars mission. They’ll need people who do… whatever it is I do in space, right?

They certainly can’t have me in charge of setting up the colony, that’s for sure…

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