TAKE A HIKE! – Mt. Chiliad Hikers’ Trail (GTA: V)

TAKE A HIKE! is a new weekly show on the Ramshackle Thoughts streaming channel. On Sundays, we take on the ultimate chill-cast, a relaxing exploration of open-world video games and other ‘walking simulators’.

To start us off, we took the hiking trail up Grand Theft Auto V’s largest mountain, Mt. Chiliad.

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Weekly Stream Schedule (14th Dec ’15)


Got a bunch of free time on your hands this week and no clue what to watch?

Lower your standards significantly and swing on by the Ramshackle Thoughts streaming channel for these upcoming shows! Lots of Dragon Age: Inquisition this week because that game is freaking huge! There might be some casual Elite: Dangerous casts swapped in with the release of Horizons on Tuesday!

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Opinions – The Park

TRANSMIT – initiate amusement signal – RECEIVE – initiate candyfloss frequency – YOU MUST BE THIS TALL – initiate the children’s syntax – ALL WORK AND NO PLAY- round and round and round we go – CHAD CHAD CHAD – helter skelter melter – HAVE YOU SEEN MY MOMMY – the queue from this point is twenty minutes – ALL WORK AND NO PLAY – step right up – PLEASE KEEP YOUR HANDS AND FEET – you’ll never want to leave –

WITNESS! – The Park

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Opinions – Planetbase

Planetbase is one of the many space games I’ve been pouring all my free time into recently, in between watching Battlestar Galactica and playing Elite: Dangerous. I think I’m on some sort of interstellar-future high. Maybe I’ll sign up for this manned Mars mission. They’ll need people who do… whatever it is I do in space, right?

They certainly can’t have me in charge of setting up the colony, that’s for sure…

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