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Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe – Love Letter

Gossip whispered from behind fluttered silk fans. Secret deals and promises made behind ornately carved doors, secured by guards in their finest livery.  With the right nods and handshakes, the King’s court can give a person anything they desire. A lucrative trade deal, or influence over your peers.

Or perhaps, the chance at the Princess’s hand in marriage. The opportunity is there, you just have to take it.

Before someone else does.

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Evolve Looks Like My Perfect Game

Survival. Cooperative team games. Asymmetrical multiplayer modes.  All of these things are my jams. Games like Left 4 Dead and Natural Selection 2′s ‘The Faded’ mod make me very happy.

Now, out of the dark jungle of mystery comes Evolve, an asymmetrical survival game where emphasis is placed on team play. It sounds like it ticks all of the boxes for me.

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One in Webruary – The Epilogue Excuses

A few weeks ago, I proclaimed that the ‘Four in February’ challenge had arrived as a shining beacon to lead you through the dark canyons of your mountainous Steam backlog. That it would be our chance to prove to ourselves we haven’t wasted money, and that our attention-spans haven’t completely degraded.

Of the four games I said I would vanquish last month, I managed to finish one of them. Erk.

Let the excuses commence!

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Opinions – Puppeteer (PS3)

Puppeteer is a game that is raw pantomime. Trope after trope presented on a beautiful, hand-crafted stage, and the magic of the theatre flows through and through.

My opinions are after the jump.



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