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Ghost Ship – At Sea with AC4: Black Flag

It was inevitable. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag had me piloting Edward Kenway and his crew through the perfect blue waters of the Caribbean for days, and it was only a matter of time before I just had to go for a swim.

Unfortunately, this little aquatic jaunt turned out to have a profoundly disappointing effect on my immersion in one of my favourite games from 2013.

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New EVOLVE Gameplay Video is YouTube Technowizardry

I ranted about EVOLVE only a few days ago. To me, it looks like the cat’s pyjamas. If that cat was twenty feet tall and spouted fire, and ‘pyjamas’ was an obtuse euphemism for tense, tactical bloodsport.

Now we get a look at a full in-game match between monster and man.

The new trailer released by Turtle Rock Studios probably isn’t that difficult to make for someone who knows how it’s done. I don’t know how, though, so to me this is the shiniest YouTube video I’ve ever seen.

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Hatty Hatterson

Shut Your Faces – BattleBlock Theatre Beta Thoughts

**These opinions are based on an incomplete product in beta testing.**

I played the ever-loving crap out of Castle Crashers, back in the day. My friend bought it for the Xbox 360 and four of us piled into his living room after school and had a blast. There were jokes, laughs, and poop. It was glorious.

BattleBlock Theatre brought more of the same excellence. And poop. But now it’s coming to PC as well. Woo!

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I Will Beat Dark Souls (or Why I Play Video Games)

So, here I am, writing about Dark Souls just four days before the release of its sequel on PC. I am not what you might call ‘down with the kids’. Do the kids still say that?

(This will contain spoilers for a game that is three years old and has been the focal point of gaming conversation ever since its conception, and possibly for its newly-released sequel. Sorry.)

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