New EVOLVE Gameplay Video is YouTube Technowizardry

I ranted about EVOLVE only a few days ago. To me, it looks like the cat’s pyjamas. If that cat was twenty feet tall and spouted fire, and ‘pyjamas’ was an obtuse euphemism for tense, tactical bloodsport.

Now we get a look at a full in-game match between monster and man.

The new trailer released by Turtle Rock Studios probably isn’t that difficult to make for someone who knows how it’s done. I don’t know how, though, so to me this is the shiniest YouTube video I’ve ever seen.

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Keep annotations turned on while you watch this:

This is a ten minute EVOLVE match, and allows viewers to switch between the perspectives of the four human players, the monster they are pursuing, and a spectator mode complete with developer commentary. It’s pretty slick stuff!

The video (especially if you watch with the commentary) shows off how players need to work together and play to each others’ strengths in order to successfully track down and put down the beast. Portable force fields, harpoons and tranquillizers versus flame breath and chomping teeth.

I definitely like what I’ve seen of EVOLVE so far. Now I’m just hoping for a showcase of the other playable monstrosities we can look forward to choosing from when the game releases.


2 comments on New EVOLVE Gameplay Video is YouTube Technowizardry

  1. Love the look of this game! I played Left4Dead to, well, death, can’t wait for some more asymmetrical multiplayer, hope they get the balance as pitch perfect as valve did.