LEGO: Worlds | It’s Like a Virtual Minecraft!

I love construction games. I love open world games. I love procedural generation.

Luckily for me (and maybe you, too!), now there’s a LEGO version of Minecraft out, which was a digital version of LEGO which…

My poor brain….

I’ve spent an hour or so messing around with the original Early Access release of LEGO: Worlds, and I even recorded a few of my thoughts for you:

LEGO: Worlds brings you a procedurally generated landscape where you can build, destroy and explore to your heart’s content, riding horse, planes, wolves and goats across the bricked landscape. Arriving in a new area or mounting a new vehicle is a treat, with the camera shooting back and an orchestral fanfare that, for me, played on the nostalgic feeling of getting new LEGOs and assembling them.

There’s also a robust construction kit available to you. You can use paintbrush-style terrain editors to create vast cavern systems or cloud-piercing mountains, or you can craft something more intricate with the individual bricks available for you.

I love the Traveller’s Tales LEGO games. I’ve probably put more hours into their version of Star Wars than was healthy. It’s always a surprise to see a concept like this happening on a digital level though. Unlike certain card games I could mention, it seems the LEGO brand isn’t scared that making its contents virtual will drive down physical toy sales. Refreshing.

LEGO: Worlds Cow
You can ride a bevy of plastic farmyard animals. I am sold.

Unfortunately, there’s not a huge amount of game here for you to sink your teeth into. LEGO: Worlds is still in Early Access, meaning many of the best features (namely online multiplayer and content sharing) are still a fair ways off. Exploring and collecting different LEGO characters is great fun, but it’s definitely not going to keep you focused for long.

My recommendation so far would be to keep LEGO: Worlds on your radar, but don’t rush out to buy it right away. Wait to see what future updates bring, and I’ll make sure to keep you all appraised as the game grows. There’s a lot of potential here, I’m excited to see what they can make of it.

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