Some Thoughts on… Feist

A silhouetted side-scrolling platformer in which a small character runs, jumps and dodges their way through a forest of monsters and traps?

If you feel like you’ve played this game before, you’re wrong. Six years in the making, Feist is its own very special animal…

I feel bad for drawing comparisons between Feist and moody shadow-platformer Limbo straight off the bat, then telling you that you shouldn’t do the same. But I’ve never let a bit of hypocrisy slow me down before. Certainly though, it’s easy to see how the dark-on-light art style and spike dodging could confuse players into thinking that Limbo has had some influence.

Gameplay is where the differences really set Feist apart. Where Limbo is all about running, jumping and getting killed at the drop of a hat, Feist is about running, jumping, dodging, grabbing, throwing and fighting off the beasties that haunt the forest. You’ll be leaping through the air to snatch a boulder mid-flight, then bringing that same rock down on the head of some unsuspecting beastie like so much animal fury.

Feist is also gorgeous. Everything about it is pretty to watch, from the backdrops, the fur on the animals, and the feeling of motion as you fly through the air. All the art here is hand-made, and has taken over six years to craft together. Aside from one bug I encountered (which will presumably be patched out soon), everything looked and sounded like ambrosia for the duration. Tomek Kolczynski should be commended for his hauntingly pretty soundtrack.

Feist is short, all things considered. I clocked in at around four hours, although there are still more achievements for me to go back and find should the urge take me. It probably will. That said, some of you might find it quite on the expensive side. I have no issue paying for quality however, and consider Feist worth every penny.

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