TAKE A HIKE! – Mt. Chiliad Hikers’ Trail (GTA: V)

TAKE A HIKE! is a new weekly show on the Ramshackle Thoughts streaming channel. On Sundays, we take on the ultimate chill-cast, a relaxing exploration of open-world video games and other ‘walking simulators’.

To start us off, we took the hiking trail up Grand Theft Auto V’s largest mountain, Mt. Chiliad.

This being the first episode and everything, the format isn’t quite tied down yet. There’s lots of things to iron out and get perfect, which will happen each week the show is running. I talk a lot in this episode about what I want TAKE A HIKE! to become in the future, but really I should have just stayed quiet and let you all enjoy the walk.

If anyone has any feedback or suggestions to improve an idea like this, I would love to here them in the comments, either here on the YouTube video itself.


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