World Map Updated – April ’16

World Map Updated is a new YouTube series focussed on exploring the world-design of video games in a more cinematic, personal manner. Here are our explorations for April.


A fog has descended over Kingsmouth Town (The Secret World) and the residents of the island can no longer leave. This hasn’t stopped things from coming in from the outside. The other Outside. Watch a sleepy nowhere-town become the centre of attention for the end of the world. As my first contribution for World Map Updated, I am quite proud of this video.


Crashed on an unnamed planet almost entirely covered in ocean, we must confront our thalassophobia to appreciate this underwater mosaic of colour, texture and shape. I genuinely have a solid fear of open water and making this Subnautica video really tapped into that. Reminds me a lot of real-world diving videos.


World Map Updated is a new series I’m creating that follows in the footsteps of, and draws inspiration from, similar works like Dead End Thrills and Other Places. The hope is to have a weekly update schedule on the Ramshackle Thoughts YouTube channel, and then corral them all together here in a monthly update. Please do let me know what you think!