Some Thoughts On… The Shrouded Isle

I’ve recently been promoted! For my hard work and dedication, I’ve taken the step from Ominous Chanter (First Position) to full-fledged Cult Manager! Here are some ramshackle thoughts on my time in charge on The Shrouded Isle.


 If you’re curious about how The Shrouded Isle plays, you can watch my recent Let’s Play on the game right here!



By Chernabog’s whiskers, the art-style is gorgeous!

I totally dig the high-contrast colours combined with the scratchy woodcut graphics. It’s like playing Darkest Dungeon on an original Gameboy. I thought it would be a little nauseating at first but my eyes adjusted pretty quickly to the sea-blue on toxic-green palette.

There are actually a number of different colour patterns to choose from if that specific combination makes your head spin like an encounter with an Elder God. Recently after I recorded my series, the developers even added a much more neutral variant! Choose whichever style most pleases the unknowable tastes of the Ever-Watchful One…


Shrouded Isles Colour Schemes



I just don’t think my cultists’ hearts are in it…

Take a look at House Iosefka here. Throughout the town they’re known as the bastion of Fervour (one of the five stats you need to keep above a certain point, amongst other shenanigans, to avoid his unholy wrath). On closer inspection however, it seems all the head members of the family are Lacking Fervour or Cowardly or driven by some vice that gets them distracted when they should be stoking the fires of maniacal worship! Really, I think I just need to trim the whole lot of them, but then I’d be dealing with a rebellion on my hands which is not what I need (or do I…?)

Lots of The Shrouded Isle has you trying to overcome obstacles similar to this. Trying to raise Discipline with leaders to weak to lift a whip, or attempting to create a culture of Ignorance with a librarian who loves learning foreign languages. Sometimes though, you can use these vices to earn God’s favour in other ways…


Chernobog is finicky and just needs to make up His mind.

What do you want from me, God? Seriously, make up your damned mind. You wanted the people to be afraid of you, so I drove them into the streets to wail lamentations. With sticks!  Sticks don’t just grow on trees you know! Now you want them to wail less, and start singing songs? I also did you a solid and showed that Pervert the sharp end of the sacrificial dagger just like you asked!, and now you want me to witch hunt someone else?!

Yes, yes, I understand, “woe and terror be open me and my beetles crawls from the festering eyes you sprout upon my back”. I get it, I read the scriptures. But would it kill you to be consistent with your demands?


Shrouded Isle Sacrifice

Overall, I recommend The Shrouded Isle

This is a fun little choose-your-own failure game with multiple endings, a beautiful art-style and a wonderful theme. And how often do you get to be in charge of a cult in games, rather than just taking them down? It’s pretty neat.



‘Some Thoughts On…’ is a collection of random brain-sparks I jot down during my time playing a game. It’s not intended as a review, though may come with a recommendation attached if I believe the title deserves one!