Some Thoughts on… Planetbase

Planetbase is one of the many space games I’ve been pouring all my free time into recently, in between watching Battlestar Galactica and playing Elite: Dangerous. I think I’m on some sort of interstellar-future high.┬áMaybe I’ll sign up for this manned Mars mission. They’ll need people who do… whatever it is I do in space, right? They certainly can’t have me in charge of setting up the colony, that’s for sure…

Some Thoughts on… Feist

A silhouetted side-scrolling platformer in which a small character runs, jumps and dodges their way through a forest of monsters and traps? If you feel like you’ve played this game before, you’re wrong. Six years in the making, Feist is its own very special animal…

LEGO: Worlds | It’s Like a Virtual Minecraft!

LEGO Worlds Banner Wizard Ice

I love construction games. I love open world games. I love procedural generation. Luckily for me (and maybe you, too!), now there’s a LEGO version of Minecraft out, which was a digital version of LEGO which… My poor brain….

Some Quick Thoughts on… Contrast

Contrast Main Character Dawn

I really wanted to like Contrast. Everything I saw from the outside seemed like exactly my cup of tea. A beautiful Moulin Rouge-esque world of spinning lights, dancing shadows and art-deco buildings. Then the game happened…

**Top Secret – We’ve Moved!**

Due to secret agents infiltrating our previous hideout, Ramshackle Thoughts has had to relocate our base of operations. Our new base is bigger, better, and more shark-and-snake-trap-filled than ever before! That should make those dirty Cabal spies think twice. Unfortunately, ┬áthis has meant that we’ve had to shut down our communications network for a short time, to avoid any information falling into the hands of the good gu- I mean, the enemy! That meant no […]

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